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Vocabulary asked in previous 10 Years part-2

1.  ADDUCE (VERB): affirm

Synonyms: illustrate, prove

Antonyms: obscure, hide

Example Sentence:

Since the research fellow couldn’t adduce his experiment, authorities didn’t believe his hypothesis.

2.  TOUT (VERB): show off

Synonyms: laud, publicize Antonyms: conceal condemn

Example Sentence:

All dietitians tout the benefits of eating fruits and exercising regularly.

3.  GELID (ADJECTIVE): freezing

Synonyms: chilling, arctic Antonym: warm, tepid

Example Sentence:

The auditorium was Gelid and dark while it was a summer morning outside.

4.  GAOL (VERB): jail

Synonyms: bound, enchain Antonyms: free, emancipate

Example Sentence:

The desolate building where prisoners were gaoled, now contains a huge public library in it.

5.  MASCOT (NOUN): lucky charm

Synonyms: amulet, charm Antonyms: repulsion, unlucky  Example Sentence:

He, by all accounts is the best mascot our company has ever had.

6.  LAIR(NOUN): cave

Synonyms: habitat, hideaway Antonyms: unveil, display

Example Sentence:

The beast slumbered peacefully in its lair when suddenly the gunshot echoed through the jungle.

7.  MOOT (ADJECTIVE): doubtful

Synonyms: controversial, dubious Antonyms: certain, definite

Example Sentence:

John’s case accusations over the company were considered moot and quickly dismissed by the judge.


Synonyms: disordered, disheveled Antonyms: organized, clean Example Sentence:

Once his slovenly dress was washed, the kid looked quite adorable.

9.  TERSE (ADJECTIVE): brief, short

Synonyms: precise, curt Antonyms: lengthy, verbose

Example sentence:

Because the principal had very little information on the fracas, he issued only a terse statement.

10.   VAGARY (NOUN): sudden change in idea or mood

Synonyms: caprice, impulse Antonyms: certainty, anticipated

Example Sentence:

Today’s stock’s vagary cost the investors their fortunes.

1.  PROLIFERATE (VERB): spread rapidly or increase in number

Synonyms: escalate, multiply

Antonyms: decline, lessen Example Sentence:

People constantly slapping and swatting at the air, shows that insects of all kinds are proliferating.

2.  COLLATE (VERB): to put information in a specific order

Synonyms: analogize, assemble Antonyms: scatter, disperse Example Sentence:

The nurse used to collate the patient’s records into stacks based on the spelling of the patient’s last name.


important or respected to be criticized or changed

Synonyms: sacred , pious Antonym: condemned, disapproved Example Sentence:

The writer felt that his work was too sacrosanct to be criticized by the media people.

4.  VEHEMENT (ADJECTIVE): passionate

Synonyms: opinionated, fervent Antonyms: apathetic, indifferent Example Sentence:

John wrote a vehement letter to the manager as he was highly disappointed in the room service he received at the hotel.

5.  UPBRAID (VERB): to harshly criticize

Synonyms: scold, chastise Antonyms:

compliment, laud

Example Sentence:

James’ parents upbraided him for not passing a single class this semester.

6.  TRITE (ADJECTIVE): unoriginal or lacking in importance

Synonyms: silly, banal Antonyms: relevant, impressive

Example Sentence:

I tend to avoid trite conversations at meetings because they are lethargic

7.    SPITEFUL (ADJECTIVE): hateful

Synonyms: vicious, malicious Antonyms: friendly, affectionate

Example Sentence:

With a spiteful look on the stranger’s face, Lean knew she was in danger.

8.    COVETOUS (ADJECTIVE): greedy

Synonyms: desirous, avaricious Antonyms: generous, benevolent Example Sentence:

Augustus was known for his wise methods of governance despite his covetous and cruel nature.

9.    SUPPLE (ADJECTIVE): flexible

Synonyms: bendable, agile Antonyms:

rigid, brittle

Example sentence:

Clay starts out a supple substance, but once molded and dried, it creates beautiful things.

10.  INIMICAL (ADJECTIVE): not friendly

Synonyms: hostile, antagonistic Antonyms: favorable, friendly

Example Sentence:

As long as India and Pakistan remain inimical, there won’t ever be peace between the two countries.

1.    ABOUND (VERB): available in large quantity or number

Synonyms: thrive, infest  Antonyms: deficient, languish Example Sentence:

Jemma, due to her broken arm, was sadly sidelined when the sports activities abound their institution.

2.    ASSIDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): hard working

Synonyms: diligent, zealous Antonyms: lazy, lethargic

Example Sentence:

It was very assiduous of the team to finish their task weeks ahead of schedule.

3.    CARICATURE (NOUN): exaggerated description in drawing intended for fun

Synonyms: cartoon, parody Antonym: solemnity, seriousness

Example Sentence:

The cartoonist’s caricature of Johnny had a young boy with elephant ears and a fish like pout.

4.    DEFRAY (VERB): to pay for something

Synonyms: fund, finance Antonyms: revenue, takings

Example Sentence:

The scholarship program will defray a large part of Liam’s tuition fee for the year.

5.    ENDOWMENT (NOUN): large gift Synonyms: donation, bequest Antonyms: debt, drawback

Example Sentence:

Jonathan, a cloth merchant, left 2 million for the building and endowment of a hospital.

6.    FRUGAL (ADJECTIVE): careful in spending money

Synonyms: economical, prudent Antonyms: spendthrift, wasteful Example Sentence:

Diana wanted front row seats, but her frugal brother wanted to get the cheaper seats in the back row.

7.    DAUNTING (ADJECTIVE): a task that appears challenging

Synonyms: frightening, appalling Antonyms: comforting, encouraging Example Sentence:

As Julian looked up the stairs, she knew it would be a daunting task to reach the top floor.

8.    FLEETING (ADJECTIVE): occurring for only a brief time

Synonyms: short lived, cursory Antonyms: lasting, enduring

Example Sentence:

Jenna closed her eyes as soon as she caught a fleeting glimpse of a falling star.

9.    LOYALIST (ADJECTIVE): one who supports their ruler or government

Synonyms: patriot, follower Antonyms: traitor, turncoat

Example sentence:

The king’s loyalists surrounded him and bared their teeth to anyone who dared to touch him.

10.  GALLANT(ADJECTIVE): fearless

Synonyms: brave, valiant Antonyms: cowardly, timid

Example Sentence:

Despite being outnumbered the gallant team was eager to compete.

1.  TERMINUS (NOUN): end

Synonyms: boundary, terminal

Antonyms: beginning, start Example Sentence:

Between your house and the metro terminus flows a small brook.

2.  REPRISAL (NOUN): revenge

Synonyms: retaliation, vengeance Antonyms: forgiveness, pardon Example Sentence:

Back and forth reprisal is never the best way to resolve a conflict.

3.  FECUNDITY (NOUN): productiveness

Synonyms: fruitfulness, fertility Antonym: barrenness, sterility

Example Sentence:

The fecundity of an artist’s imagination makes the painting an exquisite work of art.

4.  EXODUS (VERB): when a lot of people leave a place

Synonyms: evacuation, departure Antonyms: arrival, stay Example Sentence:

The frequent occurrence of quakes in Nepal prompted an exodus of the denizens.

5.  UXORIOUS (ADJECTIVE): one who is devoted to his wife

Synonyms: affectionate, fond Antonyms: insubordinate, anarchic Example Sentence:

Shahjahan, who made the Taj Mahal, was a very fond, almost a uxorious husband.

6.  TACIT (ADJECTIVE): taken for granted

Synonyms: implicit, implied Antonyms: explicit, stated

Example Sentence:

It has been a tacit agreement that what young India needs, where digitalization is involved, is just some training.

7.  RUDIMENTARY (ADJECTIVE): basic, minimal

Synonyms: elemental, primitive Antonyms: complex, intricate

Example Sentence:

After the rudimentary research on the area, Jemma found this town suitable for her to settle down.

8.  PERTINENT (ADJECTIVE): relevant to a particular matter

Synonyms: suitable, applicable Antonyms: improper, inapplicable Example Sentence:

The H.R. promised to answer all queries which were pertinent to the monetary appraisal.

9.  RAPT (ADJECTIVE): totally enthralled

Synonyms: fascinated, spellbound Antonyms: disenchanted, repulsed

Example sentence:

The clown kept his audience rapt with his outrageous behavior and funny antics.

10.          SEDITION (NOUN): the act of encouraging opposition to authority

Synonyms: rebellion, treason Antonyms: submission, obedience Example Sentence:

The activist was accused of sedition when he encouraged his fans to rise up against the ruling party.

1.    IMMINENT (ADJECTIVE): likely to occur at any moment

Synonyms: impending, approaching

Antonyms: distant, retreating  Example sentence:

The policemen told the victim that it was safe for him to come out because he wasn’t in imminent danger anymore.

2.    IMPIOUS (ADJECTIVE): lacking respect towards god

Synonyms: unholy, irreligious Antonyms: pious, spiritual

Example sentence:

John’s impious behavior caused his fellow team members to shun his presence.

3.    GLUT (NOUN): an amount in excess of what is normal or necessary

Synonyms: satiate, overflow Antonyms: abstain, restrain

Example sentence:

As she has a glut of e-books in her phone, Jenna won’t run out of reading material anytime soon.

4.    HAPHAZARD (ADJECTIVE): random Synonyms: sudden, chaotic Antonyms: deliberate, thoughtful Example sentence:

Although this map looks haphazard, yet James can comprehend the signs and symbols.

5.    EXEMPT (VERB): free from an obligation

Synonyms: release, exclude Antonyms: confine, hold

Example sentence:

The Ex-servicemen are exempted from the age eligibility criteria of competitive examinations.

6.    MENDACITY (NOUN): lack of honesty

Synonyms: falsehood, deception Antonyms: probity, honesty

Example sentence:

Helen’s mendacity makes her a big time winner at the poker tables.


Synonyms: apparent, evident Antonyms: concealed, covered

Example sentence:

Joan’s ostensible prank on the teacher did a lot of damage, and now he must face the music.

8.    TRENCHANT (ADJECTIVE): vigorous in expression

Synonyms: assertive, forceful Antonyms: feeble, ambiguous

Example sentence:

The frustrated employees wrote a trenchant letter to the management about the unacceptable HR policies.

9.    PERSPICUOUS (ADJECTIVE): easy to comprehend

Synonyms: transparency, lucidity Antonyms: perplexity, intricacy Example sentence:

Jemma always use perspicuous words while teaching anatomy so that all her students can comprehend.


to attract notice

Synonyms: pretension, pomposity Antonyms: modesty, constraint Example sentence:

Although Jacob was a billionaire, no one can ever call him ostentatious because of the laid-back attitude he carries.

1.    YEARN (VERB): to have a deep desire for something or someone

Synonyms: crave, pine  Antonyms: satisfied, gratified

Example Sentence:

John’s yearn to expand his taste buds made him try food from different places.

2.    RANCOR (NOUN): a feeling of hate or anger

Synonyms: hatred, resentment Antonyms: love, friendliness

Example Sentence:  Despite being accused for something he didn’t do, Jacob answered their questions without a trace of rancor.

3.    ODIOUS (ADJECTIVE): unpleasant

Synonyms: abhorrent, malevolent Antonym: engaging, fascinating

Example Sentence:

The odious man who lived at the corner of the street, never had a pleasant word to say.

4.    PRODIGIOUS (ADJECTIVE): very large in size, force, or extent

Synonyms: vast, enormous Antonyms: slight, puny

Example Sentence:

Zenith, a die-hard fan of Shakespeare has a prodigious collection of his books

5.    TRANSIENT (ADJECTIVE): lasting only for a short time

Synonyms:fleeting, passing Antonyms: lasting, enduring

Example Sentence:

The transient storm passed through the town rather quickly.

6.    PROSCRIBE (NOUN): to forbid something

Synonyms: exclude, prohibit Antonym: sanction, include

Example Sentence:

The policies of the company proscribe employees from accessing social media websites.

7.    TABOO (ADJECTIVE): considered inappropriate

Synonyms: prohibit, ban Antonyms: consent, permit

Example Sentence:

Teenagers now a days talk about anything because they consider nothing a taboo.

8.    KINDRED (ADJECTIVE): related in thought or genetically

Synonyms: relative, similar Antonyms:

dissimilar, unrelated

Although no one spoke out at the meeting, we all shared a kindred hope we would soon be receiving pay raises.

9.    RIGHTEOUS (ADJECTIVE): adhering to moral and/or religious beliefs

Synonyms: virtuous, just Antonyms: unjust, unfair

Example sentence:

Akbar was a righteous man who believed, his people should be his equals and not his servants.

10.  ZEAL (NOUN): a lot of energy, effort.

Synonyms: eagerness, fervor Antonyms: apathy, lethargy

Example Sentence:

Men with zeal to go the extra mile and get things done, are the best candidates for army.

1.  ADIEU (NOUN): a farewell

Synonyms: parting, valediction

Antonyms: greeting, welcome Example sentence:

There was a bittersweet adieu between me and my sister while leaving for another state.

2.  SATIRE (NOUN): a literary work that makes fun of its subject

Synonyms: spoof, mockery Antonyms: seriousness, gravity Example sentence:

The pamphlet I got was nothing but a satire aimed at ridiculing the government, by the opposition.

3.  MONSTROSITY (NOUN): abnormality Synonyms: hideousness, eyesore Antonym: attractive, beauty Example Sentence:

In an old town filled with historical artistries, the ruins of the fallen bridge stand out as a monstrosity.

4.  SLEIGHT (VERB): trick into

Synonyms: deception, stratagem Antonyms: honesty, truthfulness  Example Sentence:

With a sleight of hands, the magician fooled the viewers into thinking he switched the cards.

5.  LOLL (VERB): to act in a leisurely manner

Synonyms: sprawl, slouch Antonyms: energize, straighten

Example Sentence:

As children we were never allowed to loll in front of the television in the summers.

6.  MORBID (ADJECTIVE): associated with unpleasant things

Synonyms: sickly, pessimistic Antonym: cheerful, pleasant

Example Sentence:

The morbid pictures of the casualties should never have been telecasted on the news channels.

7.  OBEISANCE(NOUN): a respectful obedient attitude

Synonyms: salutation, homage Antonyms: dishonor, treachery

Example Sentence:

The soldiers saluted the martyr as a sign of obeisance when his body was taken past them.

8.  MIRTHFUL(ADJECTIVE): filled with joy Synonyms: blithe, merry Antonyms: sad, morose

Example Sentence:

The mirthful kids couldn't stop smiling after receiving their Christmas gifts.

9.  NECESSITATE (VERB): to make essential

Synonyms: compel, behoove Antonyms: disallow, dissuade

Example sentence:

The proposal of reducing the check in time through the airport security will necessitate the hiring of more staff.

10.          MIRACULOUS (ADJECTIVE): astounding in a way that suggests a miracle

Synonyms: unbelievable, surprising Antonyms: believable, plausible Example Sentence:

According to the legend of Rapunzel, the young woman had miraculous hair that could heal the sick.

1.  VENERABLE (ADJECTIVE): worthy of respect

Synonyms: esteemed, honored

Antonyms: unworthy, unfit Example Sentence:

The venerable principal was respected not only by the students of his school but also by that of the rival’s.

2.  WIELD (VERB): to control an item with competence

Synonyms: use, exercise Antonyms: forbear, abstain Example Sentence:

The famous painter is known for his ability to skillfully wield a paint brush.

3.  PERPLEX (VERB): to puzzle or confuse

Synonyms: puzzle, baffle Antonym: ascertain, enlighten

Example Sentence:

The students failed the exam as the complicated format seemed to perplex many of them.

4.  MUNIFICENT (ADJECTIVE): very generous

Synonyms: liberal, hospitable Antonyms: frugal, penurious

Example Sentence:

Jordon was a munificent man who donated over a million dollars to the public school.

5.  SPORADIC(ADJECTIVE): occurring occasionally

Synonyms: intermittent, infrequent Antonyms: incessant, frequent

Example Sentence:

John’s sporadic headaches cannot be diagnosed by the doctor as they occur infrequently.

6.  ADJUNCT(NOUN): something that is joined

Synonyms: appendage, addition Antonym: separation, removal Example Sentence:

Because she was an adjunct member, she was not allowed to participate in any decisions in the team.

7.  MUTINOUS(ADJECTIVE): rebelling against authority

Synonyms: insurgent, unruly Antonyms: submissive, compliant

7.  VILE (ADJECTIVE): of low morals

Synonyms: despicable, offensive Antonyms:

honorable, pleasant

Example Sentence:

The vile reporters had the nerve to question the soldier’s grieving widow on her husband’s funeral.

8.  VEX(ADJECTIVE): to bring trouble

Synonyms: annoy, bother Antonyms: appease, comfort

Example Sentence:

Sometimes, Jane deliberately plays her music loud to vex her elder brother.

9.  MIASMA (NOUN): a noxious smell or influence

Synonyms: odor, stink Antonyms: fragrance, perfume

Example sentence:

A miasma of alcohol hung low in the enviornment, when john entered the room.

10. DEBONAIRE (ADJECTIVE): charming and stylish

Synonyms: suave, elegant Antonyms: awkward, clumsy

Example Sentence:

As soon as the debonair singer walked on the stage, all of the female audience screamed.

He was often busy with his convivialities and paid no heed to his parents’ advice.

4.   JOCUND (ADKECTIVE): cheerful

Synonyms: jolly, lighthearted Antonyms: sad, sulky

Example Sentence:

It was a jocund function and we enjoyed ourselves.

5.   BAROQUE (ADJECTIVE): decorative, especially architecture

Synonyms: florid, ornate Antonyms: plain, undecorated

Example Sentence:

The baroque richness of the Taj Mahal can’t be expressed in words.

6.   AGGRANDIZE (VERB): cause something

to seem or get grander

Synonyms: intensify, expand Antonyms:

censure, condense

Example Sentence:

The new scheme will aggrandize the same old methods.

7.   ASININE (ADJECTIVE): senseless

Synonyms: absurd, inane Antonyms: clear, sensible

Example Sentence:

He ignored his friend’s asinine remark.

8.   BESMIRCH (VERB): damage (someone’s reputation)

Synonyms: dishonour, slander Antonyms:

honour, respect

Example Sentence:

She had managed to besmirch his reputation with her crocodile tears.

9.   BLARNEY (NOUN): flattery

Synonyms: cajolery, overpraise Antonyms: criticize, insult

Example sentence:

5.  LANGUID (ADJECTIVE): very slow and relaxed

Synonyms: lazy, leisurely Antonyms: energetic, hurried

Example Sentence:

Irene took pleasure in the languid attention of the hairdresser as she got her hair washed and tended.

6.  JIBE (VERB): to agree

Synonyms: harmonize, conform Antonym: differ, disagree

Example Sentence:

When john created his team, he wanted all the members to jibe together.

7.  HURTLE (VERB): move at a rapid pace in a wild manner

Synonyms: plunge, charge Antonyms: retreat, retire

Example Sentence:

Even under the captain’s expert control, the damaged ship seemed to hurtle through the bad weather.

8.  HANKERING (NOUN): strong desire

Synonyms: yearning, craving Antonyms: dislike, hatred

Example Sentence:

If you have a hankering for the best pizza in town, then you should go to kelly’s.

9.  UNDULATE (VERB): move with a smooth wavelike motion

Synonyms: wobble, oscillate Antonyms: steady, stable

Example sentence:

Because the Jemma had practiced her movements so much, she seemed to undulate on the dance floor.

10.          TORRID (ADJECTIVE): extremely sweltering and dry

Synonyms: blazing, arid Antonyms: cool, damp

Example Sentence:

The torrid temperature of Rajasthan caused the visitors to stay indoors.

Example Sentence:

If the ubiquitous red tape is annoying, other local customs are downright strange.

7.     PERTURBED (VERB): troubled

Synonyms: restless, flustered Antonyms: construct, create

Example Sentence:

Even during this perturbed time he prosecuted his studies and teaching.

8.     SUBVERSION (NOUN): undermining

Synonyms: sabotage, disruption Antonyms: integration, consolidation

Example Sentence:

They view individual liberty as a threat, new political ideas as subversion, and political opposition as treason.

9.     FLOUT (VERB): show contempt for


Synonyms: defy, spurn Antonyms: commend, compliment

By the time Bidden began the final round, the audience was vitriolic, already turned against him.

2.    PILFERAGE (NOUN): theft

Synonyms:       burglary,           misappropriation Antonyms: veto, disapprove

Example Sentence:

The damage and losses by pilferage of certain descriptions of goods are enormous.

3.    MYRIAD (ADJECTIVE): infinite

Synonyms: multitudinous, Antonyms: finite, limited

Example Sentence:

There the stars seem to have shrunk away from you, a myriad of miles.


Synonyms: barbarian, rampant Antonyms: docile, submissive

Example Sentence:

All you really need for an inspiring commencement address is untamed enthusiasm and a big dream.

5.    SUCCUMB (VERB): surrender

Synonyms: buckle, capitulate Antonyms:

ascend, conquer

Example Sentence:

In the 21st century, however, we suppress the magic of it and succumb to the fear of it.

6.    FORAGE (VERB): explore

Synonyms: rummage, ransack Antonyms: receive, protect

Example Sentence:

They go to the grocery store dumpster to forage for food, find potatoes, butter, and celery.

7.    PREROGATIVE (NOUN): privilege

Synonyms:           appendage,          perquisite

Antonyms: obligation, duty

Example Sentence:

If President Obama decides he needs a new diplomatic team that is his prerogative.

8.    CONNIVE (VERB): plot

Synonyms: collude, conspire Antonyms: ravish, quash

Example Sentence:

Large sums of money were ready to bribe the turnkey to connive at an escape.


Synonyms: conducive, subsidiary Antonyms: futile, feckless

Example Sentence:

Its soldiers were instrumental in the round ups and the subsequent massacres.

10.  UPBEAT (ADJECTIVE): cheerful

Synonyms: sanguine, buoyant Antonyms: pessimistic, gloomy

Example Sentence:

To be sure, this is an upbeat story from an American point of view.

Synonyms: panorama, spectrum Antonyms: curbed, restrained

Example Sentence:

He is aggresive and can go to From digi pages to digi notes and live PSS to the gamut when it comes to his mother.
when it comes to content. his mother.

4.  LANGUISH (VERB): suffer and become weak

Synonyms: dwindle, deteriorate Antonyms:

proliferate, swarm

Example Sentence:

When the judge sentences the murderer, I hope he gives him a lifetime to languish in prison.

5.  MORTIFY (VERB): ashamed

Synonyms: chasten, chagrin Antonyms: laurels, ovation

Example Sentence:

Christopher Meloni is perfectly casted as a father who lives to mortify his teenage kids.

6.  PARITY (NOUN): balance

Synonyms:        conformity,         paraphernalia

Antonyms: discrepancy, disparity

Example Sentence:

Our Framers intended for there to be equality and parity among the three branches of government.

7.  ERADICATE (VERB): remove

Synonyms:           annihilate,           exterminate

Antonyms: establish, decree

Example Sentence:

Polio has been eradicated from our country.

8.  CASPSIZE (VERB): to sink

Synonyms: tumble, obliterate Antonyms:

ameliorate, promote

Example Sentence:

When a boat is top heavy or its center of gravity is too high, the boat is liable to capsize.


Synonyms:        meticulous,        conscionable

Antonyms: crooked, deceitful

John tends to covet quality time with his family as he has to spend more hours working at his office than he likes

5.  RECONNOITER (VERB): to survey a place or situation for planning purposes

Synonyms: inspect, examine Antonyms: ignore, overlook

Example Sentence:

One should never belittle his enemy and constantly reconnoiter his enemy’s movements

6.  RANKLE(VERB): to cause bitterness or irritation

Synonyms: annoy, embitter Antonym: comfort, pacify

Example Sentence:

The plan to build a shopping mall in place of the community center rankled all the social activists in the town.

7.  AKIN(ADJECTIVE): similar in nature

Synonyms:          analogous,          comparable

Antonyms: dissimilar, unlike

Example Sentence:

As Johan is a passionate artist, the cacophony of sculpting tools is akin charming music to his ears

8.  ARCHAIC (ADJECTIVE): old and no longer


Synonyms:       primitive,           old-fashioned Antonyms: modern, up-to-date

Example Sentence:

In comparison to portable laptop and palmtops, typewriters and calculators are archaic.

9.  CONCORD (NOUN): a state of accord or agreement

Synonyms: unanimity, harmony Antonyms: disagreement, agitation

Example sentence:

The war between India and Pakistan will end only when the two countries reach a concord on the Kashmir dispute.

10.          BRUSQUE(ADJECTIVE): blunt in manner or harsh speech

Synonyms: gruff, discourteous Antonyms: polite, kind

6.    MANUMISSION (NOUN): release from


Synonyms: freedom, emancipation Antonym:

slavery, restraint

Example Sentence:

Manumission allowed former slaves to become landowners

7.    FRENZY (NOUN): out of control behavior

Synonyms: hysteria, outburst Antonyms:

calm, composed

Example Sentence:

James is such a spoilt kid that he would often go into a frenzy when he didn’t get his way.

8.    CASTIGATE (ADJECTIVE): to criticize


Synonyms:       berate, revile    Antonyms: appreciate, flatter

Example Sentence:

One cannot castigate students and blame them for their failure if they are not provided with the resources they need.

Antonyms: disregard, ignore

Example Sentence:

William was so unhappy with his job that he took some days off to get away and cogitate about a different career path.


Synonyms:          detrimental,          destructive

Antonyms: aiding, favorable

Example Sentence:

Despite the civil laws, my pestilent neighbors keep throwing trash in their front yard.

3.  MUSTY (ADJECTIVE): exhibiting a stale odor

Synonyms: putrid, smelly Antonym: perfumed, fragrant

Example Sentence:

When John opened the musty trunk, he was overwhelmed by the unpleasant smell of worn out leather.

4.  PARSIMONIOUS (ADJECTIVE): penny- pinching

Synonyms: frugal, close fisted Antonyms:

generous, lavish

Example Sentence:

Parsimonious by nature, Aunt Elena never gave a penny to the homeless beggars.


Synonyms: finicky, meticulous Antonyms:

careless, imprecise

Example Sentence:

Physicians must be very punctilious in their actions because their puny mistakes can cause fatalities

6.  HUBRIS (NOUN): arrogance

Synonyms: audacity, pomposity Antonym: modesty, timidity

Example Sentence:

Feeling unbeatable because of his hubris, the captain did not lead the team well and lost the match.

7.  UNSULLIED (ADJECTIVE): untainted

Synonyms: unblemished, pristine Antonyms:

tarnished, tainted

Example Sentence:

The white couch remained unsullied till the boys came home from the soccer match.

8.  TURRPITUDE (NOUN): a vile or depraved


Synonyms:          criminality,         debauchery

Antonyms: decency, morality

Example Sentence:

Jacob denied a past arrest regarding his participation in turpitude when interrogated by the detective.


Synonyms: begging, seeking Antonyms: reluctant, unhopeful

Example sentence:

The countrymen and women gathered in the church and knelt down to say a suppliant prayer for the monsoon to arrive soon.

10.          PELLUCID (VERB): very well-defined in meaning and style

Example Sentence:

Mrs. Elena was thoroughly amused by her students’ waggish behavior, but concealed it really well to maintain her stern reputation.

3.    YONDER (NOUN): to a far place

Synonyms: faraway, farther Antonym: close, nearby

Example Sentence:

John denied to drive yonder as he had spent the day behind the wheel and was completely drained.

4.    UNCANNY (ADJECTIVE): strangely weird

Synonyms:         exceptional,         astonishing

Antonyms: ordinary, customary

Example Sentence:

The strange lady in the black robe had an uncanny ability of reading other’s thoughts.

5.    TAWDRY (ADJECTIVE): cheap and poor in appearance or quality

Synonyms: tacky, sleazy Antonyms: expensive, tasteful

Example Sentence:

Jordan got the interiors done by a professional to make his tawdry apartment look nicer.

6.    FARCE (NOUN): a ridiculous situation or event

Synonyms: parody, absurdity Antonym: tragedy, sobriety

Example Sentence:

Mr. Williams is refused to enact the farce as his acting skills were above such humor.

7.    PIVOTAL    (ADJECTIVE):   of         crucial significance

Synonyms: vital, important Antonyms: inessential, trivial

Example Sentence:

We left the theatre as the movie turned boring after the pivotal character died.

8.    ABNEGATION (NOUN): the act of rejecting or refusing something

Synonyms:         forbearance,         abstinence

Antonyms: allowance, approval

Example Sentence:

Jemma had no problem with abnegation of worldly possessions as she wanted to be a nun.


Synonyms: impolite, boorish Antonyms: polished, sophisticated

Example sentence:

James woke up churlish in the morning but his mood improved considerably after the heavenly cup of coffee.

10.  ABAFT (ADJECTIVE): towards the back

Synonyms: astern, rearward Antonyms: forward, forth

Example Sentence:

Rihanna has sea sickness so she was told to sit abaft as the rear of the ship is less wavy.

Example Sentence:

After listening to the principal’s parable about resenting one’s peers, I realized I was guilty of the sin.

4.  OSTRACIZE (VERB): exclude someone

Synonyms: banish, exile Antonyms: accept, include

Example Sentence:

The rich students ostracized the shy girl for the simplest reasons as she belonged to a middle class family.

5.  LANGUID (ADJECTIVE): very slow and relaxed

Synonyms: lazy, leisurely Antonyms: energetic, hurried

Example Sentence:

Irene took pleasure in the languid attention of the hairdresser as she got her hair washed and tended.

6.  JIBE (VERB): to agree

Synonyms: harmonize, conform Antonym: differ, disagree

Example Sentence:

When john created his team, he wanted all the members to jibe together.

7.  HURTLE (VERB): move at a rapid pace in a wild manner

Synonyms: plunge, charge Antonyms: retreat, retire

Example Sentence:

Even under the captain’s expert control, the damaged ship seemed to hurtle through the bad weather.

8.  HANKERING (NOUN): strong desire

Synonyms: yearning, craving Antonyms: dislike, hatred

Example Sentence:

If you have a hankering for the best pizza in town, then you should go to kelly’s.

9.  UNDULATE (VERB): move with a smooth wavelike motion

Synonyms: wobble, oscillate Antonyms:

steady, stable

Example sentence:

Because the Jemma had practiced her movements so much, she seemed to undulate on the dance floor.

10.          TORRID (ADJECTIVE): extremely sweltering and dry

Synonyms: blazing, arid Antonyms: cool, damp

Example Sentence:

The torrid temperature of Rajasthan caused the visitors to stay indoors.


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