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Vocabulary asked in previous 10 Years part-1

1.    ABASE (VERB): to lower so as to hurt feelings

Synonyms: disgrace, belittle  Antonyms: complement, honour

Example Sentence:

The cartoonist tried to abase the Minister’s reputation by drawing a caricature of him.

2.    ABHORRENCE (NOUN): a strong feeling of hate

Synonyms: disgust, detestation Antonyms: liking, fondness

Example Sentence:

John’s abhorrence of war despite being a former soldier was astonishing.

3.    ACCENTUATE (VERB): focus attention on

Synonyms: emphasize, highlight Antonym: mask, disguise

Example Sentence:

Jemma made her little girl wear a pink bow to accentuate her cute ponytails.

4.    ACQUITTAL (NOUN): free from the charge of an offense or verdict

Synonyms: exemption, discharge Antonyms: conviction, accuse

Example Sentence:

Jordan’s family was completely outraged by the acquittal of his murderer.

5.    AFEBRILE (ADJECTIVE): free from sickness/ fever

Synonyms: sound, well Antonyms: feverish, pyretic

Example Sentence:

Feeling ill, Steven reached for the thermometer but hoped that it gives an afebrile reading.

6.    ALLEGORY (NOUN): storytelling

Synonyms: apologue, parable Antonym:

reality, truth

Example Sentence:

The Ramayana is based on a famous allegory that describes the pitfalls of arrogance.

7.    AMEND (VERB): to make better

Synonyms: rectify, modify Antonyms: worsen, retreat

Example Sentence: They agreed to amend my certificate of passing only when they will be assured it’s genuine.

8.    APOGEE (NOUN): the highest point

Synonyms: pinnacle, apex Antonyms: base, bottom

Example Sentence:

Johnny seemed to be at the apogee of happiness when he received the title of ‘Employee of the year’.

9.    ASSEVERATE (VERB): to state in a definite manner

Synonyms: affirm, avow Antonyms: deny, negate

Example sentence:

James had to asseverate his truthfulness before testifying for his friend.

10.  AVERSE (ADJECTIVE): opposing

Synonyms: hostile, reluctant Antonyms: willing, liking

Example Sentence:

All of us were shocked by Billy’s decision to skydive as we knew about his averse to heights.

11.  BALMY (ADJECTIVE): enjoyable and gentle

Synonyms: moderate, spring like

Antonyms: violent, wintery Example Sentence:

The crew of the cruise ship enjoyed the balmy weather with the guests on the deck.

12.  BAMBOOZLE (VERB): to cheat or deceive another person

Synonyms: deceive, befuddle Antonyms: enlighten, clarify

Example Sentence:

The swindler would bamboozle wealthy men by selling them fake schemes at hefty premiums.

13.  BANDY (VERB): to exchange words back and forth

Synonyms: argue, debate Antonym: silence, quiet

Example Sentence:

Jill and Jack often bandy about which of the two is the better at gaming consoles.

14.  BARRAGE (NOUN): profusion of something

Synonyms: deluge, burst Antonyms: scarcity, underwhelm Example Sentence:

As soon as Little Jamie saw his granny he began to barrage her with all his demands for presents.

15.  BEREAVE (VERB): to take away something

Synonyms: deprive, dispossess Antonyms: offer, present Example Sentence:

As John is a perfectly contented family man, no financial loss can bereave him of his happiness.

16.  BREVITY (NOUN): briefness

Synonyms: conciseness, shortness Antonym: longevity, lengthiness Example Sentence: The preciseness and brevity of the director’s speech was praiseworthy.

17.  BORNE (VERB): carried

Synonyms: produced, toted Antonyms: dodged, abstain

Example Sentence:

Cholera is an epidemic disease borne through dirty drinking water.

18.  BRUNT (NOUN): bad end of a situation

Synonyms: distress, discord Antonyms: peace, harmony

Example Sentence:

An unverified gossip on the commercial daily caused the publisher the brunt of criticism.

19.  BURNISH (VERB): to polish

Synonyms: brighten, smoothen Antonyms: tarnish, dull

Example sentence:

The presidential candidate tried to burnish his image in front of the committee before the polling starts.

20.  BYGONE (ADJECTIVE): in the past

Synonyms: ancient, archaic Antonyms: recent, modern

Example Sentence:

I feel fortunate that we got to at least see the ruins of a bygone era.

21.  CABAL (NOUN): a plot against something or someone

Synonyms: conspiracy, scheme

Antonyms: honesty, loyalty Example Sentence:

The independent rebels in the company came together to form a cabal in order to replace the M.D.

22.  CADAVER (NOUN): a lifeless body that is used for research

Synonyms: corpse, carcass Antonyms:

being, vitality

Example Sentence:

Jenny fainted while dissecting her first cadaver.

23.  CAVIL (VERB): to find faults about something minor

Synonyms: quibble, criticize Antonym: approve, praise

Example Sentence:

As always my boss was not easy to please and managed to find something to cavil about my work.

24.  CHRONIC (ADJECTIVE): appearing for a lengthy period of time

Synonyms: incessant, persistent

Antonyms: acute, temporary Example Sentence:

Mr. Harold can’t walk without a cane as he has been suffering from chronic arthritis for 10 years.

25.  CLICHE (NOUN): a word or phrase used excessively

Synonyms: adage, slogan Antonyms: atypical, unheard Example Sentence:

James repeated a cliché from a movie because he could not come up with anything original.

26.  COHESIVE (ADJECTIVE): closely united

Synonyms: tenacious, connected Antonym: separated, detached Example Sentence:

Our football team despite their different backgrounds, was able to play as a cohesive team.

27.  COLOSSAL (ADJECTIVE): extremely

large in size

Synonyms: enormous, behemoth Antonyms: miniscule, miniature Example Sentence:

The new campus is colossal in size and can accommodate thousands.

28.  CONCOCT (VERB): to make something using cleverness or ability

Synonyms: fabricate, envisage Antonyms: ruin, demolish

Example Sentence:

Mrs Jane was able to concoct a story for coming late to the party.

29.  CRAVEN (ADJECTIVE): cowardly

Synonyms: chicken, gutless Antonyms: brave, courageous

Example sentence:

The craven CEO fled the conference when the media enquired about the bankruptcy.  30. CULPABLE (ADJECTIVE): guilty

Synonyms: blameable, responsible

Antonyms: innocent, blameless

Example Sentence:

Robert was found culpable of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment by the judge.

31.  DAPPER (ADJECTIVE): neat in appearance.

Synonyms: dashing, rakish  Antonyms: dishevelled, shabby Example Sentence:

Johnny, despite being poor got his clothes duly cleaned so he would look dapper at his work.

32.  DEBILITATE (VERB): to weaken

Synonyms: incapacitate, devitalize Antonyms: strengthen, enable Example Sentence:

The effects of hypertension can work to debilitate your health if you do not monitor your salt intake.

33.  DEFIANT (ADJECTIVE): disregardful

Synonyms: disobedient, audacious Antonym: acquiescent, obedient Example Sentence:

The defiant kid teased everyone when asked to leave the diner at the closing hours.

34.  DEPLORE (VERB): to express displeasure

Synonyms: denounce, abhor Antonyms: commend, approve

Example Sentence:

Jenna is an animal activist and highly deplores the cruel practices used to obtain animal products.

35.  DERANGE (VERB): make insane or to cause disorder

Synonyms: perplex, befuddle Antonyms: compose, balance

Example Sentence:

The new security software would automatically derange if any hacker manages to enter the system.

36.  DESCRY (VERB): discover

Synonyms: determine, discern Antonym: neglect, overlook

Example Sentence:

Even though Ethan was looking after the store, he could not descry the shoplifter stealing the packet.

37.  DETRACT (VERB): to cause something to appear less attractive

Synonyms: depreciate, cheapen Antonyms: compliment, exaggerate Example Sentence:

Henry always thought that his glasses detract his appearance.

38.  DOCILE (ADJECTIVE): easily led or managed

Synonyms: compliant, submissive Antonyms: headstrong, stubborn Example Sentence:

Jane likes to be in control so she is looking for a docile pet.

39.  DOGGED (ADJECTIVE): persistent

Synonyms: indefatigable, relentless Antonyms: irresolute, surrendering

Example sentence:

Despite lagging behind by miles, Harold’s dogged determination won’t let him quit the race.

40.  DWINDLE (VERB): to decrease

Synonyms: decline, diminish Antonyms: enhance, ascend Example Sentence:

As the evening wore on, the high spirits of the teenagers began to dwindle and they moved to the dining area for a meal.

41.  PALTRY (NOUN): small or meagre  Synonyms: paucity, insufficiency

Antonyms: abundance, enough

Example Sentence: Although I paid a great deal for the gourmet meal, I only received a paltry amount of food on my plate.  42. ALTRUISTIC (NOUN): donor

Synonyms: patron, philanthropist Antonyms: opponent, antagonist

Example Sentence: His altruistic habits worry his friends are relatives.


Originating, existing, or happening during the same period of time

Synonyms: simultaneous, contemporary Antonyms: different, separate

Example Sentence: The contemporaneous court cases for the two defendants.

44.  COLTISH (ADJECTIVE): full of spirit

Synonyms: lively, playful Antonyms: depressed, down

Example Sentence: The Professor's coltish Daughter regained her adolescent poise, which was considerable.

45.  PECKISH (ADJECTIVE): deprived of food

Synonyms: craving, hungry Antonyms: satisfied, fed

Example Sentence: He felt rather peckish close to bedtime.

46.  SARTORIAL (ADJECTIVE): pertaining to tailors

Synonyms: stylish, elegant Antonyms:

frumpy, dumpy

Example Sentence: Today, the sartorial movement is starting to make a comeback.


Synonyms: cavalier, haughty Antonyms: modest, unassuming

Example Sentence: With her overweening ego, the actress expected to be recognized and flattered by everyone she met.

48.  REPROOF (NOUN): censure

Synonyms: blame, criticism Antonyms: agreement, approval

Example Sentence: There were tears in the poor girl's voice, and she evidently felt her brother's reproof keenly.

49.  TUTELARY (ADJECTIVE): protecting

Synonyms: guardian, advisory Antonyms: careless, inattentive

Example Sentence: It is commonly believed that the negro claims the power of coercing his tutelary deity.

50.  CAULK (VERB): secure,

Synonyms: block, barricade Antonym: free, loosen

Example Sentence: It only remained to caulk our important task, and this occupied us but a day or two longer.

51.  BABBLER (NOUN): someone who talks too much.

Synonyms: chatterbox, gossip monger

Antonyms: reticent, introvert Example Sentence:

He is such a babbler that nobody likes him

52.  ACCOST (VERB): approach

Synonyms: confront, annoy Antonyms: ignore, avoid Example Sentence:

His father accosted him for his ill behaviour.

53.  COMMISERATE (VERB): sympathize

Synonyms: pit, console Antonym: turn away, be different

Example Sentence:

People commiserated her on the death of her father.


Synonyms: bitterness, belligerence Antonyms: love, kindness.

Example Sentence:

From day one, the press will be searching for acrimonious members of the cabinet.


Synonyms: inborn, innate Antonyms: extrinsic, acquired

Example Sentence:

We need to find the intrinsic talent of the student.

56.  OBFUSCATE (VERB): confuse

Synonyms: baffle, complicate Antonym: enlighten, explain

Example Sentence:

In software development, manual obfuscation is the deliberate act of creating obfuscated code.

57.  POUNDING (ADJECTIVE / NOUN): to beat rhythmically

Synonyms: drub, pulsate Antonyms: fail, lose

Example Sentence:

The pounding heart was a relief to the doctors as the operation was successful.

58.  FUDDLE (VERB): bewilder someone.

Synonyms: unsettle, perturb Antonyms: calm, soothe

Example Sentence:

I love to fuddle my friends.



Synonyms: mockery, derision Antonyms: irresolute, surrendering Example sentence:

People hate him because of his scorn remarks on everyone.

60.  REFUTE (VERB): to prove false.

Synonyms: discredit, contradict Antonyms: credit, affirm

Example Sentence:

The evidence provided by the prosecutor will refute the defendant’s claim of innocence.

61.  ECSTASY (NOUN): a state of intense happiness and pleasure

Synonyms: bliss, elation Antonyms: misery, unhappiness Example Sentence:

John was in a state of ecstasy when he had his first born in his hands.

62.  EDIFICE (NOUN): an imposing building that is rather large

Synonyms: monument, skyscraper Antonyms: hut, chalet Example Sentence:

The company’s control room is to be moved to the new edifice down the street.

63.  EFFEMINATE (ADJECTIVE): exhibiting female qualities

Synonyms: feminine, womanish Antonym:

masculine, manly

Example Sentence:

My grandfather being an old school always considered men with long hair to be effeminate.

64.  ELUDE (VERB): to avoid something or someone.

Synonyms: dodge, escape Antonyms: encounter, confront Example Sentence:

The girl was able to elude the mad dog in the crowded street.

65.  ENDEAVOR (NOUN): an attempt with a

lot of effort

Synonyms: venture, undertaking Antonyms: passivity, inactivity Example Sentence:

A nationwide endeavour to save the girl child took place when number of feticides exceeded the former year.

66.    ENTOURAGE (NOUN): group of attendants

Synonyms: servant, retinue Antonym: leader, head

Example Sentence:

The queen was escorted to the ceremony by her large entourage that accompanies her wherever she goes

67.    EPICUREAN (ADJECTIVE): loving food and comfort

Synonyms: gluttonous, libertine Antonyms: chaste, puritanical

Example Sentence:

Jordan is a big time foodie with epicurean habits who spends millions in clubs.

68.    EQUIVOCAL (ADJECTIVE): unclear

Synonyms: doubtful, uncertain Antonyms:

certain, definite

Example Sentence:

The movie’s equivocal ending left the viewers with lot of unanswered questions in mind.

69.    EVANESCE (VERB): to vanish slowly

Synonyms: dissipate, fade away Antonyms: appear, emerge Example sentence:

The morning fog evanesced and revealed a clear blue sky.

70.    EXECRABLE (ADJECTIVE): extremely bad or unpleasant

Synonyms: horrible, sickening Antonyms: pleasant, nice

Example Sentence:

The survivors of the Nazi concentration camps have experienced execrable conditions and still have nightmares of the horrible time.

71.    FACET (NOUN): aspect Synonyms: feature, front  Antonyms: whole, unabridged Example Sentence:

After examining every facet of your argument, I have to agree there are no loop holes with the plan.

72.    FALLIBLE (ADJECTIVE): capable of making mistakes

Synonyms: faulty, imperfect Antonyms: perfect, unerring

Example Sentence:

Everyone is fallible to some degree but only those succeed who can overcome their imperfections.

73.    FEALTY (NOUN): allegiance

Synonyms: faithfulness, loyalty Antonym: disloyalty, treachery Example Sentence:

Every doctor and physician takes an oath and swears fealty to his profession.

74.    FLAMBOYANT (ADJECTIVE): displaying flashy or loud behaviour

Synonyms: extravagant, pompous Antonyms: plain, unflashy

Example Sentence:

The pop star’s flamboyant entry was marked by the large entourage that surrounded her through the corridor.

75.    FOIBLE (NOUN): a minor flaw

Synonyms: imperfection, frailty Antonyms: flawlessness, normality Example Sentence:

Jane’s short tempered attitude is her only foible that gets her into trouble now and then.

76.    FORTUITOUS (ADJECTIVE): accidentally lucky

Synonyms: fortunate, random Antonym: deliberate, intentional

Example Sentence:

Adam’s fortuitous meeting with the producer was the first step of his journey to stardom.

77.    FRAUDULENT (ADJECTIVE): based on fraud or deception

Synonyms: counterfeit, deceitful Antonyms: trustworthy, honest Example Sentence:

Many people around the nation file fraudulent tax returns to save the hefty amount of income tax they have to pay.

78.    FUGACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): short-lived Synonyms: transitory, fleeting Antonyms: lasting, enduring

Example Sentence:

The fugacious nature of youth has been very well defined by Chanakya in his book.

79.    FLUCTUATION (NOUN): to shift back and forth uncertainly

Synonyms: vacillation, variation Antonyms: uniformity, consistency Example sentence:  The doctor's concern grew when he saw the constant fluctuations in the patient’s heart beat.

80.    FURTIVE (ADJECTIVE): marked by quiet, caution, and secrecy

Synonyms: sneaky, conspiratorial Antonyms: open, disclosed Example Sentence:

The furtive escape of the prisoners by digging a tunnel, left the police department in awe.

81.    GARBLE (VERB): mix up

Synonyms: misrepresent, misquote

Antonyms: decipher, elucidate Example Sentence:

The toddlers garbled most of the part of the prayer as they couldn’t remember the words.

82.    GENESIS (NOUN): beginning

Synonyms: origin, commencement Antonyms: conclusion, completion Example Sentence:

The upcoming release by Govarikar traces the genesis of the Harappan civilization.

83.    GIDDY (ADJECTIVE): displaying immense happiness

Synonyms: bemused, skittish Antonym: serious, sombre

Example Sentence:

Jordon’s dog became giddy and started wagging his tail as soon as he stepped inside the house.

84.    GORGE (VERB): to consume in huge amounts

Synonyms: gobble, devour Antonyms: starve, diet

Example Sentence:

Knowing that we didn’t have any food in the fridge the idea to gorge at the nearest pizzeria was tempting.

85.    GRUESOME (ADJECTIVE): triggering disgust or horror

Synonyms: hideous, frightful Antonyms: attractive, beautiful

Example Sentence:

The gruesome scenes in the scary movie were enough to make me sick to the stomach.

86.    GULLIBLE (ADJECTIVE): easily fooled or cheated

Synonyms: foolish, believing Antonym: shrewd, knowledgeable Example Sentence:

The sales guy tricked gullible ladies into buying the gadget which was a waste after it has been used once.

87.    GRAVITATE (VERB): to be pulled towards

Synonyms: incline, drift Antonyms: ascend, retreat

Example Sentence:

Many are gravitated towards this profession as it offers a respectable job with a descent pay.

88.    GLOWER (VERB): to display a hostile stare on one’s face

Synonyms: scowl, frown Antonyms: grin, smile

Example Sentence:

The giant glowered at the dwarfs which caused them to shiver in fear.

89.    GARGANTUAN (adjective): of tremendous size

Synonyms: gigantic, mammoth Antonyms: dwarfed, miniature

Example sentence:  The new gargantuan firm run by the Ambani’s was once a tiny endeavour by a middle class Indian.

90.    GHASTLY (ADJECTIVE): extremely awful

Synonyms: horrifying, appalling Antonyms: pleasant, comforting Example Sentence:

The ghastly odor of weeds and alcohol hit them when they entered the night club.

91.    INSOLENT (ADJECTIVE): disrespectful

Synonyms: disdainful, impolite Antonyms: modest, humble

Example Sentence:

Insolent children are not respected in the society.

92.    INNOCUOUS (ADJECTIVE): harmless Synonyms: inobnoxious, jejune

Antonyms: hurtful, destructive

Example Sentence:

He is an innocuous person, he doesn’t believe in violence.

93.    INGENUOUS (ADJECTIVE): honest

Synonyms: candid, guileless Antonym: deceitful, sly

Example Sentence:

She is an ingenuous person, you should respect her for her honesty.

94.    DIFFIDENCE (NOUN): lack of confidence

Synonyms: insecurity, meekness Antonyms: courage, confidence Example Sentence:

We need to work hard for removing our diffidence.

95.    EXPANSIVE (ADJECTIVE): wide-ranging

Synonyms: extensive, inclusive Antonyms: narrow, limited

Example Sentence:

You can buy anything from the expansive range of products.

96.    CULVERT (NOUN): ditch for flow of water

Synonyms: canal, channel Antonym: deluge, ocean

Example Sentence:

There are many culverts in our city.

97.    CLAMOR (VERB): cry out

Synonyms: shout, bark Antonyms: be silent, be quiet

Example Sentence:

The chained animal clamoured in pain.

98.    CLATTER (NOUN): loud noise

Synonyms: bluster, rumpus Antonyms:

peace, serenity

Example Sentence:

The clatter of the children made it inaudible for us to hear anything.

99.    COCKSURE (ADJECTIVE): confident

Synonyms: certain, cocky Antonyms: modest, diffident

Example sentence:

He was too cocksure to listen to me.

100.  STARVING (ADJECTIVE): deprived

Synonyms: malnourished, famished Antonyms: healthy, well fed

Example Sentence: The starving children need food regularly.

101.  INUNDATE (VERB): overwhelm with things or people

Synonyms: deluge, flood  Antonyms: underwhelm, scarcity Example Sentence:

Jemma’s class was full of students ready to inundate her with questions.

102.  IRASCIBLE (ADJECTIVE): easily made angry

Synonyms: grouchy, feisty Antonyms: cool, laid-back

Example Sentence:

The irascible coach was very eager to start a verbal war with the other team’s coach.

103.  INGRESS (NOUN): the act or right of entering

Synonyms: access, admission Antonym: exit, conclusion

Example Sentence:

No ingress was allowed in the building until the fire department gave a thumbs up.

104.  INFERNAL (ADJECTIVE): horrible

Synonyms: malevolent, damned Antonyms: ethical, moral

Example Sentence:

The family was devastated at the sight of the infernal damage the quake caused.

105.  INCENDIARY (ADJETIVE): causing trouble

Synonyms: provocative, inflammatory Antonyms: peacemaking, appeasing

Example Sentence:

The editor’s incendiary article about the community leaders caused an uproar among the activists.

106.  IMPETUS (NOUN): stimulus

Synonyms: motivation, impulse Antonym: hindrance, discouragement Example Sentence:

My physician’s announcement that I have diabetes was the impetus for me to start taking a balanced diet.

107.  IGNOBLE (ADJECTIVE): not deserving respect

Synonyms: lowly, unworthy Antonyms: dignified, honourable Example Sentence:

The greedy man offered chocolates to the billionaire’s daughter with the ignoble motive of abducting the child.

108.  IDIOSYNCRASY (NOUN): oddity.

Synonyms: peculiarity, trait Antonyms: usualness, normality Example Sentence:

Linda has an idiosyncrasy of wearing a red hat which makes her look out of place. 109. IMPEACH (VERB): denounce Synonyms: accuse, blame Antonyms: praise, exonerate

Example sentence:

The CEO was impeached from his position when his illegal ways came in light.

110.  ILLUSORY (ADJECTIVE): deceptive

Synonyms: hallucinatory, misleading Antonyms: genuine, real

Example Sentence:

Liam’s illusory friendship with his rival was just to destroy the guy’s reputation in the team.

111.  JAUNTY (ADJECTIVE): expressing cheer and self-assurance

Synonyms: carefree, lively Antonyms: depressed, unhappy Example Sentence:

When harry lost his family in the accident he also lost his jaunty attitude.

112.  JEST (NOUN): joke

Synonyms: banter, gag Antonyms: sombre, grieve

Example Sentence:

Jake never knew that the remark he made about Jenny in his jest will hurt her feelings.

113.  JOSTLE (VERB): to compete for something

Synonyms: struggle, tussle Antonym: harmonize, co-ordinate

Example Sentence: The players started to jostle for the position of the captain as soon as the announcement was made.

114.  JABBER (VERB): to talk rapidly and incessantly,

Synonyms: babble, ramble Antonyms: silence, quiet

Example Sentence: Jordon started to jabber about his opponent. 115. JARGON (NOUN): technical term

Synonyms: dialect, lingo Antonyms: standard, typical

Example Sentence:

The team members used an unusual jargon to discuss the strategy which James could not comprehend as he was a novice.

116.  JIBE (VERB): to agree

Synonyms: harmonize, conform Antonym: disagree, differ

Example Sentence:

The findings of the spy did not jibe with the testimony, thus nothing could be proved against the accused.

117.  JUNCTURE (NOUN): turning point

Synonyms: climax, twist Antonyms: whole, complete

Example Sentence:

James is at an important juncture of his life where he has to decide between joining the army or resuming his studies

118.  JEOPARDY (NOUN): at risk of loss or harm

Synonyms: trouble, endangerment Antonyms: assurance, safety Example Sentence:

Jemma puts her health in jeopardy every time she does not take her medicines on time.

119.  JOCULAR (ADJECTIVE): funny

Synonyms: humorous, playful Antonyms:

gloomy, sad

Example sentence:

The In-charge tried being a little jocular by telling funny incidents he had to face at his earlier job.

120.  JUMBLED (ADJECTIVE): mixed up

Synonyms: tangled, befuddled Antonyms: organized, systematized Example Sentence:

Molly constantly complains about the jumbled mess of hair she has.

121.  LAMPOON (VERB): satirize

Synonyms: mock, ridicule

Antonyms: praise, flattery Example Sentence:

His caricature was to lampoon the social issues in a comic format, but the underlying message was meant to be taken seriously.

122.  LIAISON (NOUN): a person who acts as go-between

Synonyms: mediator, intermediary

Antonyms: conclusion, terminus Example Sentence:

The court assigned a counselling liaison to the divorcing couple that would not stop bickering.

123.  LITANY (NOUN): a lengthy record

Synonyms: account, enumeration Antonym: briefing, concise Example Sentence:

Jordan was tired of listening to his land lord’s litany of complaints about his careless ways.


Synonyms: arduous, burdensome

Antonyms: facile, effortless

Example Sentence:

Moving the king sized bed proved to be the most laborious task of the day.

125.  LURCH (VERB): move unsteadily

Synonyms: totter, stagger Antonyms: stabilize, steady

Example Sentence:

The burglar was caught lurching outside the showroom on the CCTV footage.

126.  LITHE (ADJECTIVE): flexible, graceful and slender

Synonyms: agile, supple Antonym: rigid,


Example Sentence:

Despite her lithe and lean personality Jemma is surprisingly clumsy.

127.  LEWD (ADJECTIVE): indecent

Synonyms: vulgar, salacious Antonyms: moral, decent

Example Sentence:

John was fired from his job due to the lewd comments he made on his colleagues

128.  LIEGE (NOUN): an individual who is loyal to a person of rank

Synonyms: faithful, trusty Antonyms: disloyal, untrustworthy Example Sentence:

The loyal soldier died protecting his country’s emperor.

129.  LIONIZE (VERB): celebrate

Synonyms: glorify, eulogize Antonyms: condemn, dishonour Example sentence:

Army men ought to be lionized as they face life threatening dangers to give us a safe nation to live in.

130.  LITIGATE (VERB): bring matter before court of law

Synonyms: appeal, prosecute Antonyms: follow, comply

Example Sentence:

The creditors will litigate the firm if it does not pay the money soon.

131.  METHODICAL (ADJECTIVE): in an orderly manner

Synonyms: organized, disciplined Antonyms: disorderly, disorganized Example Sentence:

James is a methodical guy who faced no problem following the SOP of the incubator.

132.  MILITANT (ADJECTIVE): aggressive

Synonyms: combative, belligerent Antonyms: peaceful, tolerant Example Sentence:

The militant employees initiated the hunger strike against the company and refused to eat until salaries were increased.

133.  MONOTONOUS (ADJECTIVE): lacking in variety and interest

Synonyms: tedious, repetitious Antonym: interesting, lively

Example Sentence:

If your daily routine has become too monotonous, all you need is a short vacation.

134.  MOTTLED (ADJECTIVE): stained with patches

Synonyms: speckled, streaked Antonyms:

plain, clean

Example Sentence:

Johnny’s father painted the mottled design of stars and moon on the blue ceiling just as he wanted it to be.

135.  MUSE (NOUN): something or someone that inspires

Synonyms: stimulus, afflatus Antonyms: hindrance, discouragement Example Sentence:

Robert was able to get his dream job because his wife stood by his side and became the muse in his life.

136.  MALLEABLE (ADJECTIVE): capable of being easily changed or influenced

Synonyms: flexible, pliable Antonym: rigid, stringent

Example Sentence:

Helena is concerned about her malleable son being around notorious kids.

137.  MALEFICENT (ADJECTIVE): harmful or

evil in intent or effect

Synonyms: sinful, wicked Antonyms: kind, benevolent

Example Sentence:

The stranger has a maleficent look in his eyes which made the kid cower back from his reach.

138.  MISSIVE (NOUN): a written note

Synonyms: memorandum, message Antonyms: speech, conversation

Example Sentence:

A missive was place in every student’s locker by the school management regarding the inspection that had been done.

139.  MACABRE (ADJECTIVE): disturbing Synonyms: frightening, ghastly Antonyms: pleasant, cheerful

Example sentence:

The emo kid’s painting was downright macabre and inappropriate to be displayed at the exhibition.

140.  MANDATE (NOUN): permission to do something

Synonyms: order, directions Antonyms: denial refusal

Example Sentence:

Jemma’s landlord cannot evict her of the house as he didn’t have a court mandate.

141.  GROTESQUE (ADJECTIVE): abnormal

Synonyms: queer, outlandish

Antonyms: logical, normal Example Sentence:

She is a grotesque person.

142.  IGNOMINY (NOUN): offensive behaviour

Synonyms: meanness, lowness Antonyms: respectfulness, generosity Example Sentence:

He will be punished for his ignominy. 143. DISHEVEL (VERB): mess up

Synonyms: disturb, distort Antonym: arrange, organize

Example Sentence:

They dishevelled the proper order. 144. TRIVIAL (ADJECTIVE): not important

Synonyms: petty, irrelevant Antonyms: significant, substantial  Example Sentence:

Don’t pay heed to Mr. Rahman’s trivial issues.

145.  ONSLAUGHT (NOUN): attack

Synonyms: aggressive, assault Antonyms: retreat, regroup

Example Sentence:

The onslaught of the terrorists was very dangerous.

146.  INFURIATE (VERB): to make angry

Synonyms: aggravate, enrage Antonym: soothe, appease

Example Sentence:

Ms. Sharma can infuriate you very easily.

147.  GARRULOUS (ADJECTIVE): talkative

Synonyms: loquacious, chatty Antonyms:

quiet, reserved

Example Sentence:

Mr. Zaidi is extremely garrulous.


Synonyms: hesitant, shy Antonyms: frank, talkative

Example Sentence:

Ms. Dubey is not reticent at all.

149.  AFFLICTED (ADJECTIVE): distressed

Synonyms: depressed, stricken Antonyms: joyful, jolly

Example sentence:

Ms. Rastogi remains an afflicted employee due to work.

150.  AGGRIEVED (ADJECTIVE): very sad Synonyms: disturbed, pained Antonyms: relaxed, comforted

Example Sentence:

The aggrieved team members want to oust Mr. Dey.

151.  STRATAGEM (NOUN): trick

Synonyms: ploy, artifice  Antonyms: honesty, frankness Example Sentence:

She is known for her stratagems.

152.  STRAIT (NOUN): crisis

Synonyms: contingency, dilemma Antonyms: benefit, comfort  Example Sentence:

His strait is a lot different than yours. 153. BOWED (ADJECTIVE): bent

Synonyms: curved, arched Antonym:

straight, vertical

Example Sentence:

The bowed structure was broken during the riots.

154.  BEFIT (VERB): fit

Synonyms: behoove, match Antonyms: differ, disagree

Example Sentence:

The machine was befitting for the engine.

155.  FORSAKE (VERB): leave someone/something

Synonyms: relinquish, repudiate Antonyms: adopt, maintain Example Sentence:

The captain never forsakes his time.

156.  NURTURE (NOUN): development

Synonyms: rearing, breeding Antonym: neglect, negligence  Example Sentence:

Our juniors need our proper nurturing in their career.

157.  FOREGO (VERB): forsake

Synonyms: forfeit, eschew Antonyms: grab, snatch

Example Sentence:

We must never forego our self-respect.

158.  Onlooker (NOUN): person observing an event

Synonyms: bystander, observer Antonyms: participant, involved Example Sentence:

One of the onlookers commented during the argument.

159.  DREARY (ADJECTIVE): gloomy

Synonyms: bleak, colourless Antonyms: bright, colourful

Example sentence:

His dreary life became interesting after he subscribed to the YouTube channel of TSeries.

160.  PLEDGE (NOUN): word of honour

Synonyms: guarantee, assurance

Antonyms: breach, break Example Sentence:

He has taken a pledge to protect his nation.

161.  OBSCURE (ADJECTIVE): not clear or plain

Synonyms: mysterious, enigmatic Antonyms: obvious, explicit

Example Sentence:

Today’s sighting is the first time Dr. Dey has ever seen the obscure family of insects.

162.  RESPLENDENT (ADJECTIVE): bright, dazzling and impressive

Synonyms: splendid, lustrous Antonyms: dull, gloomy

Example Sentence:

The peacock is a very showy bird with resplendent plumage in multiple shades of blues and greens.

163.  IMPETUOUS (ADJECTIVE): acting without thinking

Synonyms: ardent, subitaneous Antonym: circumspect, considerate Example Sentence:

Even though Mr. Abbas was rumoured to be impetuous, he actually put a great deal of thought into making important decisions.

164.  PIQUE (VERB): anger, irritation

Synonyms: tiff, ruckus Antonyms: delight, joy

Example Sentence:

This seemed to pique general curiosity, and quite a number of people began to run.

165.  INCANTATION (NOUN): supposed magical words

Synonyms: hymn, hocus-pocus Antonyms:

reality, truth

Example Sentence:

If Ms. Priyanshi wants to open the cave door, he must read the incantation on the scroll.

166.  HAGGLING (NOUN): bargaining Synonyms: dealings, trading Antonym: concur, comply

Example Sentence:

I dropped in there while Marcox, the son of Marco, was haggling with a shopkeeper over a quarter of a pound of salt, and asked for change for a twenty-dollar gold piece.

167.  UNOBTRUSIVELY (ADVERB): inconspicuously, not loudly

Synonyms: conservatively, unofficially Antonyms: publicly, audibly Example Sentence:

He muttered unobtrusively somewhere deep down in his throat something about having done his military service in the French artillery.

168.  DISARMING (ADJECTIVE): charming

Synonyms: irresistible, saccharine Antonyms: despicable, disgusting Example Sentence:

He responded at once by presenting himself at her home with all his disarming naiveté.

169.  ELOQUENT (ADJECTIVE): to speak beautifully or express clearly

Synonyms: grandiloquent, magniloquent Antonyms: introverted, inarticulate Example sentence:

According to Mr. Rahman, Mr. Pratik, is an eloquent spokesman who leads his team simply with his words.

170.  ESTRANGEMENT (NOUN): a strange of being unfriendly

Synonyms: disunity, alienation Antonyms: juncture, friendliness  Example Sentence:

He had every reason given him to be so, but he was not; and solely on his side, an estrangement began to arise between them.

171.  DIVULGE (VERB): To make known (something private or secret).

Synonyms: disclose, expose

Antonyms: conceal, hide Example Sentence:

Then bending again to Raoul, he whispered: "Above all things do not divulge your name.

172.  SIMPER (VERB): smile coyly

Synonyms: sneer, smirk Antonyms: frown, growl

Example Sentence:

"I hope I see you well, Miss Florence," she simpered.

173.  CONVALESCENT (ADJECTIVE): recovering from illness

Synonyms: ambulatory, healing Antonym: regressing, sickly

Example Sentence:

I treated him as a convalescent, not as a sick man.

174.  FATHOM (VERB): measure the depth

(of feeling)

Synonyms: comprehend, penetrate Antonyms: neglect, misinterpret Example Sentence:

It is hard to fathom the pain felt at the death of a child.

175.  INARTICULATE (ADJECTIVE): unable to express oneself clearly

Synonyms: incoherent, blurred Antonyms: articulate, communicative Example Sentence:

He made an inarticulate noise in the back of his throat.

176.  VENGEANCE (NOUN): revenge; punishment for a wrong

Synonyms: reprisal, requital Antonym: forgiveness, pardon Example Sentence:

Yes, I would bear my sorrows, and become great, that in a day to be I might wreak vengeance on the king.

177.  BESEECH (VERB): beg earnestly

Synonyms: implore, adjure Antonyms: refuse, give

Example Sentence:

She beseeched him to cut his drinking and smoking.

178.  CHAFE (VERB): be angry

Synonyms: irritate, abrade Antonyms: aid, placate

Example Sentence:

He chafed at having to take orders from someone else.

179.  PUNY (ADJECTIVE): small and weak

Synonyms: inconsequential, diminutive Antonyms: giant, strong Example sentence:

His mother stood looking on, with a sad kind of a smile on her lips and in her eyes, to see the zealous and yet puny efforts of her little boy.

180.  CONJECTURE (NOUN): guess; speculation

Synonyms: guesswork, hunch Antonyms:

certainty, reality  Example Sentence:

The commentators made various conjectures about the outcome of the next election.


Synonyms: lonely, aloof  Antonyms: together, sociable  Example Sentence:

Tigers are rumoured to be solitary animals.

182.  KEEN (ADJECTIVE): interested

Synonyms: anxious, avid Antonyms: unconcerned, dispassionate Example Sentence:

Employees must be keen to learn new skills that they can use for their organization,

183.  PIT (VERB): oppose

Synonyms: counter, disagree Antonym: agree, support

Example Sentence:

We should always pit injustice.

184.  INDIFFERENT (ADJECTIVE): uninterested

Synonyms: aloof, callous Antonyms: compassionate, concerned Example Sentence:

The indifferent sages showed no concern as the mountain blew up as a volcano. 185. PILE (NOUN): heap

Synonyms: accumulation, stockpile Antonyms: scarcity, deficiency  Example Sentence:

He owns a big pile of money.

186.  IMMOBILE (ADJECTIVE): immovable Synonyms: stagnant, static Antonym: mobile, unfixed

Example Sentence:

The immobile tree couldn’t be moved even with all our technology.

187.  HEIRESS (NOUN): person who gains a large amount of wealth

Synonyms: inheritor, possessor Antonyms: payer, donator

Example Sentence:

She is a kind hearted heiress.


Synonyms: intense, passionate Antonyms: unexcited, impassive Example Sentence:

The impassioned artist was extremely successful.

189.  POACH (VERB): trespass

Synonyms: smuggle, encroach Antonyms: stay away, keep off

Example sentence:

They paid the price for poaching.

190.  EXERT (VERB): apply

Synonyms: exercise, wield Antonyms: ignore, conceal

Example Sentence:

He didn’t exert much pressure and the blood kept oozing.

191.  FURTIVELY (ADVERB): secretively

Synonyms: clandestinely, surreptitiously

Antonyms: candidly, frankly Example Sentence:

The soldiers were furtively crawling through the night.

192.  CREDULITY (NOUN): tendency to believe anything quickly

Synonyms: acceptance, fidelity Antonyms: disloyalty, inconstancy Example Sentence:

He was, in fact, an odd mixture of small shrewdness and simple credulity.

193.  VISAGE (NOUN): appearance

Synonyms: countenance, aspect Antonym: behind, rear

Example Sentence:

His visage was meagre, his hair lank and thin, and his voice hollow.

194.  AMIABLY (ADVERB): in a friendly way

Synonyms: benevolently, amicably Antonyms: unpleasantly, unwillingly Example Sentence:

She spoke amiably, yet with the least hint of dismissal in her voice.

195.  UNABASHED (ADJECTIVE): shameless

Synonyms: unblushing, blatant Antonyms: shamed, subtle

Example Sentence:

He made no answer to this, except to smile at me with unabashed pleasure and affection as I drove away.


thinking oneself to be better than others

Synonyms: arrogant, disdainful Antonym: friendly, approachable Example Sentence:

I'm fed up with your condescending attitude.

197.  CONGENIAL (ADJECTIVE): pleasant and agreeable

Synonyms: jovial, affable Antonyms: aloof, uncongenial

Example Sentence:

The food at the party was excellent, and the company congenial.

198.  CONSTERNATION (NOUN): fear resulting from the awareness of danger

Synonyms: alarm, bewilderment Antonyms: calmness, tranquillity Example Sentence:

To my consternation, when I reached home I found I had lost the key of the house.

199.  PSEUDO (ADJECTIVE): false or not authentic

Synonyms: counterfeit, ersatz Antonyms: genuine, true

Example sentence:

The pseudo journalist pretended to be documenting the war.

200.  GRIMACE (VERB): make a pained expression

Synonyms: contort, scowl Antonyms: grin, smile

Example Sentence:

She started to sit up, grimaced with pain, and sank back.

201.  EXPOSITORY (ADJECTIVE): intended to explain or describe something

Synonyms: explicative, elucidative  Antonyms: inexpressive, undemonstrative Example Sentence:

The film suffers from too many expository dialogues.

202.  CHAGRIN (NOUN): a feeling of annoyance or mortification

Synonyms: disappointment, humiliation Antonyms: happiness, pleasure Example Sentence:

Much to his chagrin, she didn't remember him at all.

203.  CLANDESTINE (ADJECTIVE): kept or done in secret

Synonyms: secret, private Antonym: open, overt

Example Sentence:

They are said to have been holding clandestine meetings for years.

204.  HEEDLESS (ADJECTIVE): paying no attention

Synonyms: careless, inconsiderate Antonyms: heedful, attentive Example Sentence:

She scattered the letters about in her heedless haste.

205.  INORDINATE (ADJECTIVE): exceeding reasonable limits

Synonyms: excessive, unreasonable Antonyms: moderate, limited Example Sentence:

They spent an inordinate amount of time talking.

206.  INSIDIOUS (ADJECTIVE): working harmfully in a subtle or stealthy manner

Synonyms: deceptive, slick Antonyms: straightforward, artless Example Sentence:

They focus on overt racism rather than insidious aspects of racism.

207.  PESTER (VERB): to annoy persistently Synonyms: irritate, annoy Antonyms: pacify, comfort

Example Sentence:

He's always hanging round and pestering me.

208.  PUERILE (ADJECTIVE): immature, especially in being silly or trivial

Synonyms: childish, silly Antonyms: mature, sensible

Example Sentence:

I must confess that this puerile explanation gave me great pleasure.

209.  PUSILLANIMOUS (ADJECTIVE): lacking courage

Synonyms: timorous, chicken-hearted Antonyms: fearless, presumptuous Example sentence:

The authorities are too pusillanimous to deal with this situation.

210.  SANGUINE (ADJECTIVE): cheerfully confident

Synonyms: optimistic, buoyant Antonyms: pessimistic, gloomy  Example Sentence:

He's remarkably sanguine about the problems involved.

211.  GRUBBY (ADJECTIVE): dirty

Synonyms: filthy, soiled Antonyms: clean, spotless

Example Sentence:

His white coat was grubby and stained.

212.  GRUFF (ADJECTIVE): brusque or stern in manner or appearance

Synonyms: hoarse, rough Antonyms: kind, polite

Example Sentence:

He picked up the phone expecting to hear the chairman's gruff voice.

213.  BIZARRE (ADJECTIVE): very strangelooking

Synonyms: grotesque, queer Antonym: natural, normal

Example Sentence:

We visited the principal church, also--a curious old structure, with a tower like spire adorned with all sorts of bizarre images.

214.  HACKNEYED (ADJECTIVE): over familiar through overuse

Synonyms: trite, stale Antonyms: fresh, original

Example Sentence:

That's the old hackneyed phrase, but it's true.

215.  SERENE (NOUN): calm and peaceful

Synonyms: happy, carefree Antonyms: stormy, turbulent

Example Sentence:

It was all a far cry from those serene days in1990.

216.  IMBIBE (VERB): absorb

Synonyms: accept, consume Antonym: reject, exclude

Example Sentence:

They were used to imbibing enormous quantities of alcohol.

217.  IMMACULATE (ADJECTIVE): free from fault or error

Synonyms: spotless, unsoiled Antonyms:

filthy, dirty

Example Sentence:

My car's in absolutely immaculate condition.

218.  IMPECUNIOUS (ADJECTIVE): having little or no money

Synonyms: penniless, penurious Antonyms: wealthy, affluent Example Sentence:

Back in the eighties he was an impecunious, would-be racing driver.

219.  INDICT (VERB): To accuse of wrongdoing or criticize severely

Synonyms: charge, arraign Antonyms: acquit, free

Example sentence:

He was later indicted on corruption charges.

220.  INNOCUOUS (ADJECTIVE): having no adverse effect

Synonyms: aiding, helpful Antonyms: harmful, dangerous  Example Sentence:

This drug was at first mistakenly thought to be innocuous.

221.  EAGERNESS (NOUN): enthusiasm

Synonyms: longing, yearning  Antonyms: apathy, reluctance  Example Sentence:

His eagerness for fame can be seen in his actions.

222.  ARDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): difficult

Synonyms: onerous, uphill Antonyms: effortless, pleasant

Example Sentence:

The arduous task was completed on time. 223. FANATIC (NOUN): an overenthusiastic person

Synonyms: bigot, radical Antonym: liberal, moderate

Example Sentence:

The fanatics are disliked by everyone.

224.  PINNACLE (NOUN): top

Synonyms: apex, zenith Antonyms: nadir, base

Example Sentence:

They reached the pinnacle of their career honestly.

225.  DETRIMENT (NOUN): disadvantage

Synonyms: liability, drawback Antonyms: boon, gain

Example Sentence:

They faced many detriments while achieving their goal.

226.  ZEST (NOUN): spicing

Synonyms: seasoning, flavouring Antonym: indifference, lethargy Example Sentence:

A bit of zest is important in life.

227.  WAYWARD (ADJECTIVE): contrary

Synonyms: delinquent, capricious Antonyms: compliant, obedient Example Sentence:

The wayward points in the case made him lose it.

228.  GAPE (VERB): stare

Synonyms: glare, ogle Antonyms: ignore, overlook Example Sentence:

Many people gape in anger.

229.  PINE (VERB): long for

Synonyms: crave, hanker Antonyms: dislike, despise

Example sentence:

They pined for a lot money and ended up in jail.

230.  MUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): quietened

Synonyms: silenced, subdued Antonyms: encouraged, promoted  Example Sentence:

He muffled the noise with his roar.

231.  SELFLESSNESS (NOUN): unselfish devotion

Synonyms: altruism, charity  Antonyms: greed, self-interest Example Sentence:

In the last two verses he reveals the nature of his selflessness.

232.  ACME (NOUN): the highest point, as of achievement or development

Synonyms: apogee, culmination Antonyms: bottom, nadir Example Sentence:

The empire was at the acme of its power.

233.  AFFRAY (NOUN): a noisy quarrel or brawl.

Synonyms: altercation, fracas Antonym: calm, peace

Example Sentence:

As he was reading, an affray arose between two gentlemen in the room, who were both partially intoxicated.

234.  JEJUNE (ADJECTIVE): boring

Synonyms: dull, uninteresting Antonyms: enthusiastic, exciting Example Sentence:

We knew we were in for a pretty long, jejune evening.

235.  PROPENSITY (NOUN): An innate inclination; a tendency

Synonyms: inclination, aptness Antonyms: hate, dislike

Example Sentence:

She hadn't reckoned on his propensity for violence.

236.  COMPATIBLE (ADJECTIVE): consistent; congruous

Synonyms: harmonious, suitable Antonym: antipathetic, inharmonious Example Sentence:

Such claims are not compatible with the facts.

237.  BANEFUL (ADJECTIVE): causing harm, ruin, or death

Synonyms: baleful, malefic Antonyms: advantageous, lucky Example Sentence:

He made some commonplace observations about the baneful effect of the polluted air of the season.

238.  SPASMODIC (ADJECTIVE): happening intermittently

Synonyms: sporadic, irregular Antonyms: connected, continuous Example Sentence:

My husband's work was so spasmodic.

239.  GOAD (VERB): anything that acts as a spur or incitement

Synonyms: encourage, urge Antonyms: discourage, dissuade Example sentence:

I was goaded into being rude to him.

240.  REPLICA (NOUN): an exact copy

Synonyms: reproduction, copy Antonyms:

original, real

Example Sentence:

The child was a replica of her mother.

241.  Truce (Noun): An agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time.

Synonyms: Armistice, Detente  Antonyms: Disagreement, Persistence Example Sentence:

So there was scope for further strife, even after the two sides signed that truce.

242.  Recalcitrant (ADJECTIVE): Having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline.

Synonyms: Disobedient, Obstinate Antonyms: Compliant, Agreeable Example Sentence:

Since his recalcitrant client was not following instructions, the lawyer had a hard time preparing a solid defense.

243.  Queasy (ADJECTIVE): Slightly nervous or worried about something

Synonyms: Fidgety, Squeamish Antonym: Content, Happy

Example Sentence:

If college football's national championship game gave you a queasy feeling, you were not alone.

244.  CONCLAVE (NOUN): secret meeting Synonyms: confab, assembly Antonyms: openness, individual  Example Sentence:

He quotes an unnamed cardinal saying that the conclave voters knew the charges were false.

245.  SERVITUDE (NOUN): slavery

Synonyms: bondage, serfdom Antonyms: mastery, boss

Example Sentence:

Beware of these men; for their friendship is nothing less than a servitude.

246.  WADE (VERB): plod, often through water

Synonyms: splash, stumble Antonym: avoid, dodge

Example Sentence:

Then she asked who'd seen you last, and if anyone had given you leave to wade.

247.  RESORTED (VERB): make use of

Synonyms: applied, exercised Antonyms: abstain, halt

Example Sentence:

So, miserably, he resorted to the autocue, and even this he turned into a disaster.



Synonyms: luminous, shining Antonyms: dark, dim

Example Sentence:

The light of halogen lamps is slightly more “whitish” than incandescent lamps.

249.  RABBLE (NOUN): mob

Synonyms: crowd, gang Antonyms: alone, one

Example sentence:

All the excitement of her rabble rousing had been suitably extinguished, along with our enthusiasm for this show.

250.  SQUEAMISH (ADJECTIVE): nauseated; finicky

Synonyms: fussy, queasy Antonyms: undemanding, willing Example Sentence:

Since when have you become so squeamish about card-playing, Mr. Paul?

251.  VIBRANT (ADJECTIVE): energetic

Synonyms: spirited, virile  Antonyms: dispirited, lethargic Example Sentence:

The rich merchants are a part of a vibrant economy.

252.  UNFEIGNED (ADJECTIVE): original

Synonyms: genuine, real Antonyms: pretended, counterfeit Example Sentence:

The reality show was completely unfeigned and free of scripted fights. 253. ADUMBRATE (VERB): foreshadow

Synonyms: outline, darken Antonym: illuminate, light up

Example Sentence:

The setting sun adumbrates the bridge to create a scenic view.

254.  BUNGLE (VERB): mess up

Synonyms: blunder, mismanage Antonyms: manage, fix  Example Sentence:

He was fired as he could bungle the simplest of tasks given to him.

255.  FUGITIVE (ADJECTIVE): person escaping law

Synonyms: escapee, outlaw Antonyms: enduring, confronting Example Sentence:

The fugitive don rarely left his cabin to avoid any social contact.

256.  CAUCUS (NOUN): group gathered to make decisions

Synonyms: gathering, convention Antonym: individual, one Example Sentence:

The legislative caucus had a long discussion over the new bill.

257.  CHASM (NOUN): gap

Synonyms: crater, rift Antonyms: closure, juncture

Example Sentence:

The chasm between the rich and poor has grown wider over the last decade.

258. TIRADE (NOUN): abuse

Synonyms: ranting, denunciation Antonyms: praise, complement Example Sentence:

The employee launched a tirade when fired from his job.

259.  TUMULT (NOUN): chaos

Synonyms: commotion, agitation Antonyms: harmony, peace Example sentence:

The petrol prices are rising due to the political tumult in the gulf countries

260.  RAUCOUS (ADJECTIVE): noisy Synonyms: discordant, loud Antonyms: mild, quiet

Example Sentence:

Her birthday parties were raucous but fun.

261.  PRUDE (ADJECTIVE): conservative

Synonyms: victorian, puritan  Antonyms: contemporary, modern Example Sentence:

The old lady came across as a prude person to the teenagers.

262.  ADORATION (NOUN): intense love

Synonyms: admiration, veneration Antonyms: disregard, hatred Example Sentence:  The man smiled in adoration at his daughter’s attempt at cooking.


Synonyms: aimless, erratic Antonym: systematic, organized Example Sentence:

He made only desultory efforts to learn astrology.


Synonyms: translucent, gauzy Antonyms: dark, thick

Example Sentence:

The gossamer curtains allowed the sunshine to enlighten the room.

265.  SATIETY (NOUN): satisfaction

Synonyms: gratification, fulfilment Antonyms: lack, scarcity Example Sentence:

A glass of water before the meal helps you to reach satiety much quicker.

266.  RELIC (NOUN): something from the past

Synonyms: antiquity, souvenir Antonym: recent, modish

Example Sentence:

My grandmother still keeps all the relics from the bygone days.

267.  HARRIED (ADJECTIVE): very busy or pressured

Synonyms: troubled, distressed Antonyms: calm, relaxed

Example Sentence:

The harried clerk forgot to pay the bills on time.

268.  PUISSANT (ADJECTIVE): powerful

Synonyms: influential, authoritative Antonyms: ineffectual, insignificant Example Sentence:

The billionaire was a puissant man who had a say in all the political matters

269.  RECANT (VERB): to take back something after saying it

Synonyms: annul, disavow Antonyms: accept, agree

Example sentence:

The editor had to recant all the accusations and apologize for the same.

270.  MODICUM (NOUN): small amount of

Synonyms: bit, portion Antonyms: entirety, whole

Example Sentence:

All the employees gave a modicum of their salaries for the noble cause.

271.  NUANCE (NOUN): a subtle distinction or variation

Synonyms: gradation, distinction

Antonyms: even, uniform Example Sentence:

A nuance of color could be seen in her blue cap, if seen closely.

272.  MOTLEY (ADJECTIVE): made up of strikingly different components

Synonyms: assorted, disparate Antonyms: homogenous, uniform Example Sentence:

Since the team was a motley group, none of the students recognized each other.

273.  MELLIFLUOUS (ADJECTIVE): having a smooth, flowing sound

Synonyms: euphonic, honeyed Antonyms: discordant, cacophonous Example Sentence:

My mother has a mellifluous voice that could lull anyone into a deep slumber.

274.  LEEWAY (NOUN): freedom to act and change

Synonyms: space, freedom Antonyms: restrictions, control Example Sentence:

My parents grant me leeway to make my own decisions.

275.  INCANTATION (NOUN): magical words

Synonyms: enchantment, hymn Antonyms: reality, actuality

Example Sentence:

As the evil witch made her incantation, the white clouds in the sky turned black.

276. JITTERS (NOUN): nervousness Synonyms: anxiety, nerves Antonyms: calmness, ease

Example Sentence:

The jitters left her when she stepped on the stage.

277.  PEDIGREE (NOUN): line of ancestors

Synonyms: lineage, genealogy Antonyms: base-born, lowly

Example Sentence:

The pedigree of this unusual fruit was traced back to several different species of fruits.

278.  PUNITIVE (ADJECTIVE): punishing

Synonyms: disciplinary, vindictive Antonyms: beneficial, rewarding Example Sentence:

The company is taking punitive actions against the employee who indulged in the forgery.

279.  PALPABLE (ADJECTIVE): obvious, clear

Synonyms: apparent, conspicuous Antonyms: concealed, dubious Example sentence:

The tension between the two competitors was palpable and seemed to fill the entire room.

280.  SUNDRY (ADJECTIVE): a group of unrelated things

Synonyms: miscellaneous, assorted Antonyms: individual, same Example Sentence:

Because he was unsure of the Indian weather, he packed a sundry of clothes to wear.

281.  DESPOTISM (NOUN): absolute power

Synonyms: autocracy, dictatorship Antonyms: democracy, equalitarianism Example Sentence:

After their generations living under despotism, citizens were happy to see a kind emperor to assume power in the country

282.  HOODWINK (VERB): to deceive someone

Synonyms: mislead, swindle Antonyms: support, safeguard

Example Sentence:

Insurance deals often hoodwink customers into coming to them by making promises of incredibly low premiums.

283.  FRACAS (NOUN): a noisy disagreement

Synonyms: commotion, disturbance Antonyms: agreement, harmony

Example Sentence:

The students were suspended from the class when they started a fracas.

284.  FIAT (NOUN): order

Synonyms: command, dictum Antonyms: opposition, denial

Example Sentence:

The MD’s latest fiat prohibits the wearing of jeans in office.

285.  ENNUI (NOUN): boredom

Synonyms: tedium, languor Antonyms: excitement, liveliness Example Sentence:

Eaten up by ennui at his workplace, John decided to go on a vacation.

286.  EFFIGY (NOUN): dummy

Synonyms: statue, figure Antonyms: entity, being

Example Sentence:

To express their rebellion, the workers set fire to an effigy of the company’s flag

287.  DEMURE (VERB): reserved

Synonyms: timid, reticent Antonyms: bold, brave

Example Sentence:

At the gym last night, Iva remained demure and stuck to a corner by herself.

288.  DEFILE (VERB): to make impure or dirty

Synonyms: contaminate, degrade Antonyms: cleanse, upgrade

Example Sentence:

Smoking tobacco defiles one’s body still young people continue to take up the smoking habit.

289.  NEFARIOUS (ADJECTIVE): very evil and wicked

Synonyms: sinful, vicious Antonyms: kind, pleasing

Example sentence:

To call that new employee names, was not only mean, but nefarious

290.  PLEBEIAN (NOUN): not worthy of the upper classes.

Synonyms: mediocre, ordinary Antonyms: extraordinary, aristocratic Example Sentence:

The rich man called the restaurant a plebeian place because it did not offer good service.

291.  IGNORAMUS (NOUN): simpleton

Synonyms: imbecile, dimwit Antonyms: intellect, prodigy

Example Sentence:

Our new boss turned out to be an ignoramus who knew nothing about the business.

292.  BASTION (NOUN): fortified place

Synonyms: citadel, mainstay Antonyms: vulnerable, weakness Example Sentence:

For many immigrants, our country is seen as a bastion of freedom where they can live without fear of being wrongly persecuted.

293.  COLLOQUIAL (ADJECTIVE): informal

Synonyms: conversational, vernacular Antonym: stilted, standard Example Sentence:

Since John came from a different state, he had a difficult time understanding the colloquial language of this place 294. CEDE (VERB): surrender

Synonyms: capitulate, hand over Antonyms: hold, maintain Example Sentence:

The captain of our football team was forced to cede control of the team after he failed a drug test.

295.  GLUTTONY (NOUN): desire for food

Synonyms: hunger, craving Antonyms: dislike, disinclination Example Sentence:

The depressed teen’s gluttony has made her extremely obese.

296.  REALM(NOUN): area of responsibility or rule

Synonyms: domain, territory Antonyms: submission, compliance Example Sentence:

Technological innovations are deepening our interest in the realm of computer science.

297.  PIQUANT (ADJECTIVE): flavorful

Synonyms: lively, interesting Antonyms: bland, flavorless

Example Sentence:

Jemma’s piquant personality made her a pleasant companion for all.

298.  SENILITY (NOUN): confused or memory loss as a result of old age

Synonyms: decrepitude, dotage Antonyms: youth, adolescence

Example Sentence:

Keep your encephalon busy so you stay sharp and reduce the chances of becoming senile.

299.  TRAVESTY (NOUN): ridicule

Synonyms: satire, mockery Antonyms: seriousness, solemnity Example sentence:

A pathetic travesty of justice is presented when a policeman harasses a citizen.

300. SUCCOUR (NOUN): assistance.

Synonyms: help, aid Antonyms: hindrance, obstruction.

Example Sentence:

Even though Jenny is reserved, she is never hesitant to offer succor to anyone who needs it.

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