Pink Social Apps : News & Magazines, Games & Shops

Pink Social Apps : News & Magazines, Games & Shops

Pink Social Apps : News & Magazines, Games & Shops

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This is Pink Social Apps : News & Magazines, Games & Shopping app. Pink Social App contains all famous social media like Facebook for mobile, Instagram, Google Snapchat, Twitter for mobile, and most used html 5 3D games by Famobi.


1. You can access all famous social media app in one app.
2. You can get more than google search engine.
3. You can play top 1000 html-5 games inside one app.
4. You will find your favourite games which you have installed in your device or which you
     see on your play store.
5. You can read news. Pink Social App contains top 10 Hindi and English newspapers in future,
     other language may be added.
6. Pink Social App contains Google Dictionary, although taken from live google search link.
7. Translator or Dictionary section has more than one or most searched dictionary on
     google search.
8.  While your playing game, top score will be stored as history so that you can break your
      own records.
9. Pink Social App contains google search in multiple languages like in, Hindi, English..etc.
10. When you open your chrome or Google browser, you see everyday a new animated
      google doodle owned by google, the same way Pink Social App has the app the list of google
       doodles from its beginnings to today date with its history.
11. Pink Social App also has the google Health search you can choose your health products from
       among them.
12. Pink Social App also contains Google  Smalls Games for kids to play with. It's free.
13. In the google services section you will get all products powered by GOOGLE LLC, in
       spite of installing so many apps.
14. In Pink Social App you will also see most awaited magazines powered by famous websites.
 15. In the upcoming updates you will get the most hits songs from the most famous
       music companies, with YouTube player enabled, by which you can no longer see the
        ads, and able to play most famous songs or you favourite songs.
16. You can also ask to add your favourite websites into the website.

*Aim of Pink Social App*   

Pink Social App is meant for your personal use. You can ask to add your website in adjustable section. Pink Social App is equal to 100 apps. You need not to install more than 10 or  required apps, if you install Pink Social App. Pink Social App has most useful apps. When you need to install the app required, you go to install one. And if you get the same app in Pink Social App, you were not to install that again. You can save your time , storage and internet. Most of the apps have the size upto more than 50 MB, but Pink Social App is less than 15  MB.

* Privacy to Pink Social App for you *

Although Pink Social App requires no special permission to use. Pink Social App is not saving your search or personal data. But for the security reasons or personal use Pink Social App is enabled with Keyguard Manager. If you have unlocked your device with password or pattern system, when you open this, it will ask you the password or pattern, if you have enabled one of them. You need not to save or add manually any lock to Pink Social App.


All the sources used or will be used in future inside Pink Social App are kindly taken from various sources available on google, are copyrighted, and from famous websites. If you find any link or content of your website then, contact us before taking any action. We will take the action. If you wish you can ask to remove your content. If you want your products to be added or promoted to Pink Social App so contact us via our email-id.


We are not provoking any user to use Pink Social App. We are here to help you. You need to contact us before taking any action only if you find your product inside Pink Social App.

Thanks from the Developer (Pink Social Apps : News & Magazines, Games & Shops )
Vishal Tripathi

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